Application Instructions

Artistick vinyl wall art is supplied in DIY kit form, complete with a print-out of how your design should look. Assemble your pieces as per the supplied design, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, change things up a little and plan your own layout.

The vinyl wall art is suitable for application on clean, smooth surfaces only, such as painted (enamel and water-based egg shell), dust-free walls, glass, mirror, appliances, doors, boxes and so on. Remember that the vinyl can only adhere to a clean, dry and smooth surface. It cannot hide damaged surfaces or imperfections, and won’t adhere well to rough or textured surfaces. We do not recommend applying to dry-walling, asbestos and rhynolite walls as surfaces may be damaged when removing the stickers.

Follow the easy application instructions for best results.

How to apply your vinyl wall art…

  1. Your wall art decal comes in three layers – a top, semi- transparent application/transfer tape, the cut-out vinyl layer, and the backing sheet.
  2. Ensure the application surface is clean, dry and dust-free. If necessary, sand down any rough patches and ensure it is dust-free.
  3. If preferred, you can cut up your design into smaller, more manageable pieces to make application easier. In some instances, designs are fitted to the vinyl sheet to optimise layout and cutting, and are not necessarily in the correct positions. This is especially likely with designs of varying letter sizes and colours.
  4. Lay your design down on a flat, hard surface and run a credit card or plastic squeegee over the design to ensure that the vinyl adheres to the transfer tape.
  5. Slowly peel the backing sheet away, ensuring that your vinyl adheres to the transfer tape. If the sheet pulls away without the vinyl, replace it and run your card/squeegee firmly over it until it adheres.
  6. Use a spirit level/ruler to determine the precise position on your wall/application surface and make markers to guide you. Position your transfer tape according to the markers on the wall.
  7. Working from the top left corner and outwards to the opposite corners, ensure that your design is properly applied to the surface. Rub it down with a card/squeegee, and firmly press and smooth the sticker down onto the surface, pushing out any air bubbles as you work.
  8. Now gently roll the application tape off the vinyl design. It works best if you roll it off the vinyl artwork rather than pulling it straight up and off. For very fine and delicate cut-outs, application works best if you gentle hold down your vinyl edges down with the card just to get started, while rolling your transfer tape away, gently coaxing your design off the transfer tape. If necessary, re-run the card/squeegee over the vinyl design and transfer tape to make sure it sticks properly if the vinyl does not detach as it should the first time.
  9. Once you have removed the transfer tape, place the left over backing paper (not the sticky sheet!) over your applied vinyl art one last time and give it a firm smoothing over with a cloth or squeegee. Don’t run a card over the letters without the protection of a protective sheet to prevent any hooking of corners or scuffing of your vinyl surface.
  10. Voila! Enjoy your Artistick inspiration.
  11. Please note Artistick cannot be held liable for any faulty application.
  12. Please note that stickers should not be applied to newly painted surfaces – allow for 30 days before application. Vinyl wall art will not adhere to rough or textured surfaces.

Removing your stickers:

  1. Use a hairdryer to loosen up the vinyl glue and make removal easier.
  2. Gentle lift edge of the decal and slowly life away. Use a gentle soap to remove any glue residue.
  3. Remember that the decals cannot be re-used – but it’s the perfect time to order some new inspiration.

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