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About Us

Words…they light fires in our bellies, inspiration in our souls, focus in our minds and passion in our hearts. Words ignite our imagination, give vision to our dreams, and help us to rise after every set-back. Words drive us to live our purpose.

Artistick pays tribute to the power of words with vinyl wall art to transform your living and work spaces into places of inspiration, encouragement and motivation.

DIY Wall Art Family and Kids
DIY Wall Art Someone asked me what I saw in you

DIY vinyl wall art from Artistick is easy to apply, creating spaces that you’ll love spending time in – at home, at work, at school, at play – there’s really no limit to where and how you can share and enjoy your Artistick wall art. Produced from high quality, 5-year vinyl, your design will last for years and can be easily removed when you feel like you need a change or some new inspiration.

Choose from our stunning range of lovingly created designs. Or if you fancy something custom-made, send us an e-mail with details of your required design and we’ll work on it for you. It may be a quote you especially love, a child’s name and birth details, a corporate design for an office, or an interior décor project.

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